Land on our private turf air strip and begin a beautiful vacation! Located in the picturesque West Chilcotin district of British Columbia, Canada. Tsuniah Lake Lodge is the Fly-in wilderness destination pilots long for.

We have been catering exclusively to the flying public since 1952, with a 4000’ turf runway and a superb float plane dock, so we can handle big twins with ease.

We have a history of aviation here, many of our customers have been coming to the lodge for over 30 years. It is the kind of marvelous hideaway that flyers find and other travelers only dream about.
If the place you have in mind features a view of pristine, blue lake surrounded by dense pine forests and snow-capped mountains, Tsuniah Lake Lodge is your destination.
A beautiful, rustic resort that is nestled in the pines at the west end of Tsuniah Lake, 200 miles north of Vancouver, and the best way to get here is to fly!