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  1. I had the privilege of visiting and fishing at your resort with my college roommate, David Foster, and the Foster family from Saratoga, CA in the summer of 1965. That experience has always been a great memory for me.

    The property looks great still today!

    Thank you.

    Justin DeBoer
    West Linn, Oregon

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    • Justin — I am David Foster’s older brother. I think that I missed seeing you at Tsuniah as I was in medical training at the time. Our family has gone to Tsuniah for 50 years. We love the place and feel like we are with family around the Brebners.

      Tom & Sally Foster

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  2. I have been coming tsuniah since the 80’s i was invited by my friend Mike Stevens who had been there in past years, i was expecting a fishing trip! what an understatement, this paradise in the canadian wilderness is truly amazing…but more than that the Brebner family who make our trip a wonderful experience year after year, and visiting one of my favorite spots on the planet is something we all look forward to, not to mention the food.

    Jimmy Goff
    Santa Rosa, Ca

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  3. I hope one day… I will be standing on this porch… Bucket list….
    Elaine Randolph
    Santa Rosa CA

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  4. I came to Canada in May 2013 to enjoy nature and wildlife – I didn’t expect to find paradies itself and withing it new friends and family… I will always cherish those summer months filled with riding through the wilderness meeting sheep and bears, up steep mountainsides and along the coast of ice blue Chilko Lake taking a bath together with my darling Shadow on hot days, gardening and helping with painting cabins, fishing on lively Tsuniah Lake, enjoying the unique taste of Patrick’s smoked rainbow trout, sitting round campfires with the Brebners and their guests, taking pictures of tiny humming birds… I can’t say how much this means to me!

    As long as the Brebner family owns this place it will be a very special one – one I long to see again one day.


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  5. This first trip was back 1979, before Bob, Muriel and Family took over, after “Good-Ol Art Watson” who always clanked alarms on his coffee cup if he thought the pork chops or stakes were not stacked high enough to suit until the ladies stacked up more!

    Some of my fondest memories are of many flying trips to Tsuniah Lake, just before Memorial Day week and after Labor Day week. First annual trip with my father & sons, and second one with my three best (my choice) construction employees; flying out of Monterey, CA. We did this for years. The construction jobs were completed on time, each guy trying to be 1st choice!

    Great family food, going out fishing in the morning with a, “Noon Island” lunch pack, from the supper friendly kitchen, had the tastiest lunch along with the full chested trout we pan fried in fresh butter on the island fire pit camp that was always stocked with some fire wood to get warmed up around, while talking over the question of who just caught the most beautiful trout. It was always the other guy, he thought. Best to All Brebners, Jim-Dad, Eric, Harold and Grandpa Dittmer

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  6. Love this place! love this family more the you know! This is some bucket list stuff!

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  7. This is my favorite fly-in retreat! I really missed not being able to make it last year but am looking forward to our trip in August!
    I can’t think of a better place to just go to and relax, take the boat or if you like, kayak, swim, hike, ride. It’s all there and the family that owns and lives on the property couldn’t be better people. Just love it!

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  8. My Grandfather flew me up there when I was a 20 year old kid in 1978. I remember the fishing to be great , family style meals. I remember a trip to the island and his friends thawing out the steaks on the front on the boat. The steaks slid of into the water. Great memories. Thank you

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  9. As a corporate pilot back in the 80’s, I flew many associates to numerous ‘resort’ locations in Mexico, the US, Alaska and Canada.
    Tsuniah Lake is perhaps the BEST and most relaxing place I’ve been to. The runway is well kept and long enough to handle light jets and turbo-props like the Conquest II I brought in. Our group of 9 only stayed for a few nights, I just wish it had been more.
    We took off with so much smoked trout, we had to really watch our W&B.
    Truly a fishing heaven.

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  10. I was 14 years old when my parents and I visited the lodge in the summer of 1964. We were visiting friends at a ranch located on the other end of the lake from the lodge. We took a break from fishing one day to have lunch at the lodge. What a great meal it was! Served family style.
    We caught a lot of trout, rode horses, helped round up cattle, explored the lake and swat mosques! We traveled to the lake via a very rough road! It was an all day drive from Williams Lake.
    Another visit to the lodge is on my bucket list!

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  11. Amazing pictures. So great to find this your website. Extremely fond memories of my times spent there with you all. (Early and mid 1980’s). Would love to get by again sometime.
    Nice to see it still in the family.

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  12. Amazing place , amazing food people paysage unbelievable….. it a bucket lit for sure ….

    Denis Vinent

    No Limits Helicopters Whistler

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  13. My first trip to Tsuniah Lake lodge was in the summer of 1967. It was my high school graduation present from my father. My father, Don Patterson, and his close friend, Dick Shannon, first began flying into Tsuniah Lake in the mid-fifties. I remember Dad telling me about sitting around the dinner table with Art Watson and the stories he would tell. He considered Bob & Muriel Brebner like family. I made many more trips to Tsuniah with dad. The last one was in the mid-nineties. Those many days fishing with dad on Tsuniah Lake are my most cherished memories.

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  14. We had an unforgettable experience at Tsuniah Lake Lodge. It’s one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. Stunning nature, great people and very cozy and homey accomodations. We will come back again. Thank you for this special experience.

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